You don't need another tool...

Oct 30, 2023

Hey there!

This is a topic a lot of people talk about all the time.

Choosing the tools for your business.

These little apps are supposed to make our lives easier, or are they?

If chosen correctly, tool can save us time and make us a lot of money.

However, if we don't choose wisely, we aren't getting back the time we just wasted setting up our 4th CRM tool this month.

Today, I have 3 tips for you on how to not make the same mistakes I did.

#1 What are your needs?

The first and the most obvious question.

Why do you need this tool and how are you going to use it to improve your business?

Often, people don't even need the tools they are forcing themselves to use.

Why do you need a CRM, an 2 automations softwares, one email marketing software, one newsletter software and a testimonial software?

This is the exact quesiton I asked myself because I've been using all of these tools.

I couldn't decide between Pipedream and Zapier for automations.

I couldn't decide between MailerLite, ConvertKit, and Substack for newsletters.

Just ask yourself if another tool is necessary.

Adding more tools doesn't mean you'll be more productive.

Removing tools from your workflow does.

So this leads me to the next point.

#2 What features do you need?

Each tool comes with their own suite of features, their own interface and they way people use it.

Some are more complicated and have a lot of features, others are simple and easy to use.

Think about how you're going to use the tool and list out all the features you're going to need.

For example, I've changed multiple email marketing tools.

The feature I needed the most was building email sequences.

I used Gumroad for email marketing, but I wanted more analytical features, so I decided to switch.

I tried ConvertKit for a couple of months about a year ago and decided it wasn't for me since I didn't want to pay for it.

Than I switched to MailerLite for a while since their free plan offered email sequences. This worked for a while, and I even purchased the paid plan to test it out.

Then I decided I wanted to focus on my newsletter, so I added another tool in my tech stack.

And that was Substack. This was an awesome idea... in my head.

"Substack will help me get more subcribers" was something I was telling myself.

Which was true...

But it had a cost, I had to set it up, figure out how to use it, and eventually realize that this is for people who solely focus on their newsletter and want to sell their premium newsletter subscriptions, which I didn't want to do.

So I decided to switch to ConvertKit again and purchase the premium plan to get those email sequences.

Hope this is the end... at least for now.

#3 Can you integrate them?

This is something that will be of use at one point or another.

If you realize that you need an integration and you can't get it, it's so complicated and time consuming to continue using these tools.

Zapier is a great option here, but they as well don't have all automations created.

I'm telling you this because I switched my website builder and started using Framer, which doesn't have integrations with ConvertKit and that makes it a bit harder to create and customize forms for collecting emails.

However, I managed to find a way and everything is cool now.

This is the most important thing you need to read!

Do you research!

Get on a demo, discover the product, look at their feature set, comparisons, get a free trial, see their integrations page, and try to be sure that it's the right fit before you start migrating.

And, of course, if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know, it means a lot. What do you want to read more or less of? Just reply to this email and I'll get on it!

Have a nice day! 👋


2 ways I can help you take your business to the next level:

The Second Brain Notion Template:​ I know you are busy. Most entrepreneurs are and most spend their time working in their business, not on their business. This template will help you free up your time and do what needs to be done.

The Sales CRM Notion Template: Sales is all about one single thing, follow-up. And you don't want to get into a negotiation for a big deal and forget something, or not follow up when you need to. Having everything in one place is crucial.

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