This is how I Automate my business

Nov 20, 2023

Today, I'd like to share with you a new aspect of my business, how I automate processes. and how am I saving time before I even started.

Recently, I haven't been making that much money from selling digital products.

Here's the sales data for the last 6 months.

Lemon Squeezy Revenue Chart

So, I was brainstorming what can I do to increase this.

One of the ideas was to start my consultancy or create a coaching program.

This basically means that I need to sell a lot less, and I'm going to get a lot more in return.

The only downside is I need to put in a lot more time.

Okay, enough of the introductions, let's get right into the meat of this newsletter.

Here are 3 processes I automated before I even started with consulting/coaching.

#1 Initial Contact

The first step of the entire process is the Discovery call, where we will talk about how can I help them achieve their goals.

There are a couple of things that should happen before the call.

I need to:

  1. Check if they're qualified

  2. Create an agenda

  3. Create a Google Drive folder

  4. Create a Google Doc that needs to be filed before the call

  5. Create a new lead in the CRM

  6. Send an email to the new lead with all of this information

So I just made this workflow in Zapier:

Zapier Automate Initial Contact

#2 Post-call output

This is a much simpler workflow... at least for now.

It's triggered as soon as the meeting is over and there's a new recording in Zoom.

What I need to test a bit better is how is ChatGPT going to work for call summarization and I need to figure out if I can get the company name from the Zoom call so that I can use it when I move the recording to a Google Drive folder.

Zapier Automate Post-Call Output

#3 Payment

So, our lead is interested in working with us, they dig everything that we've done until now and want to try it out for themselves.

Awesome, from our side, we just need to update the row in the CRM and the email will be sent to them to fill out a short form.

Zapier Automate Email Sending

As soon as they fill out the form, we're going to create a new invoice in QuickBooks and send it to them.

Zapier Automate Payment

Need help setting this up?

If you need help setting up these workflows, you can apply for my 1-Month FREE Coaching Program where I will help for set up these automations.

To apply click on this link.

And, of course, if you have any feedback or suggestions please reply to this email. What would you like to read about? Your feedback means a lot!

Have a nice day! 👋


Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

#1 Ready to streamline and automate your business processes? Click here to book a free Discovery call.

#2 The Second Brain Notion Template:​ I know you are busy. Most entrepreneurs are and most spend their time working in their business, not on their business. This template will help you free up your time and do what needs to be done.

#3 The Sales CRM Notion Template: Sales is all about one single thing, follow-up. And you don't want to get into a negotiation for a big deal and forget something, or not follow up when you need to. Having everything in one place is crucial.

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Join the SoloGrowth Newsletter for exclusive tips, strategies, and resources to grow and your business

Join the SoloGrowth Newsletter for exclusive tips, strategies, and resources to grow and your business